• stretch

    Stretch factor 1.33X

  • coverage

    Coverage 45 MM

  • focus_throw

    Focus throw 100 0

  • minFocus

    minimum focus 3'6.7"1M

  • filterThreads

    filter threads 77 MM

  • weight

    Weight 0.8lbs 380g

  • size

    size 2"5CM

  • price

    get in on B&H

SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x-50

  • Anamorphic Adapter by SLR Magic
  • Double Focus
  • Mount: 62 MM

Readily available. V1 has a screw for alignment lock, V2, shipped as of late-2015 is locked through a reverse ring at the rear.

more information

Front Glass Size: 65 MM
Rear Glass Size: 50 MM