• stretch

    Stretch factor 1.5X

  • coverage

    Coverage 80 MM

  • focus_throw

    Focus throw N/A

  • minFocus

    minimum focus 13'6.7"4M

  • filterThreads

    filter threads N/A

  • weight

    Weight 0.6lbs 275g

  • size

    size 2.2"5.5CM

  • price

    get in on eBay

Vistascope 16mm

  • aliasAlias: Delrama
  • Anamorphic Adapter by Old Delft
  • Fixed Focus
  • Mount: N/A

Unique look, and cheap! Can be tweaked for improved performance,Square shape makes it super easy to align.
Prism based, so doesn’t make the usual anamorphic optical artifacts.

more information

Front Glass Size: 65 MM
Rear Glass Size: 32 MM